Moving from Eyelook to Smugmug

I needed to host photos from a recent trip to New Zealand. I started modifying eyelook to make it easier to do what I wanted such as geocoding, bulk upload, hierarchial grouping, different sizes, different layouts, themes etc. It was taking a bit of time so I decided to look around at existing services but none of them suited my needs.

Then I found SmugMug and I was hooked. This is the best photo-sharing service I have seen. It seems to be aimed at professional photographers - there is no free version but you get what you pay for. It is far from perfect but there is no way I would consider anything else at this stage.

Luckily it has a referral system that gets you $5 off your first year if you indicate an account that got you onto the system so I got mine a little cheaper. I also helped out the friend that referred me by making it a little cheaper for them next year. If anyone wants to get same deal, it’s simple: enter my email address ( peter at realityforge dot org ) or my coupon ( EqCTz7hz7wkW2 ) in the ‘Referred by’ field on the signup form and you get $5 off.

Best photo sharing service yet!