Eyelook: Rails photo gallery

Eyelook is a photo gallery I created over a weekend when I was home sick. It is amazing how productive rails can make you because within 8 hours I had the code in place and had set it up on my personal web server.

Very little of that time was spent coding - most of it was spent working on re-arranging the xhtml+css or figuring out how to go about Loading Binary Data into Rails Fixtures.

Every eyelook application has a set of users who have a list of albums with pictures. The image data is stored in the database and cached on the filesystem on demand. This way a backup of the database backs up the complete system.

An example of users page that lists galleries is


You can select one of these galleries and it will bring up a list of images such as


From there you can either download the original or can view a larger lightbox style image


The admin section is not as sexy but it is functional.

Update 12th of May, 2010

The subversion repository holding the original version of this has since gone away but the code has been imported into GitHub. See the GitHub Project Page for further details.