Heres a list of projects that I will eventually get around to implementing. They are intended to be relatively small software projects that I can use to lear a new programming language or technique.

  • iBrag: A resume generator that will generate a resume for a particular recruiter that includes information they want + standard info. So they select the jobs, experiences, level of detail etc, hit generate and out comes a nicely formatted resume.
  • iBuild: A web interface to a continuous integration build system. A cross between CIA and Luntbuild
  • iPay: A simple time tracker that allows me to generate pay slips or charge bills as appropriate. Maybe even generate the appropriate forms ala Blue-Sheets.
  • iThink: Combination wiki and mind map that attempts to generate /mental/ distances between concepts/pages.
  • iKnow: FAQ Engine
  • Craggle: Web 2.0 style climbing routes database